What can Adelar Trading Corp. Email be used for?

Adelar Trading Corp. Email can be used for just about any email delivery-based communication, from transactional applications to marketing. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped to create smarter routes to speaking with their customers.

Debt Collection
Appointment Reminders
Official Notifications
Delivery Notifications
Public Notices
debt collection illustration
Debt collection

By combining transactional email, SMS and voice channels in an intelligent automation, DCAs increase their chances of contacting a customer.

Adelar Trading Corp. workflows prevent over-contact and default to the customer’s preferred communication channel.

Email templates and attachments can be automatically customised to provide a personalised experience for each customer, increasing the chance of a successful outcome.

appointment reminders illustration
Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by coupling SMS and triggered emails to automatically remind customers of their appointments.

From dentists to barbers, physiotherapists to mortgage advisers, missed appointments cost your business money.

But by using Adelar Trading Corp.’s intelligent workflows, you can automate reminders via both email and text, ensuring that more customers attend.

notifications illustration
Official notifications

Email is inexpensive and fast, but sometimes it doesn’t feel ‘authoritative’ enough, and low open rates can be a challenge.

By using the Adelar Trading Corp. transactional email sevice, you get the best of automated email combined with intelligent attachments, so you can include personalised letters for each recipient. Sending an SMS to advise your customers that they’ve received an important message is a great way to boost open rates, too.

delivery notifications illustration
Delivery Notifications

According to a 2016 survey, 83.4% of households want to receive information about the progress of their delivery.

Email and SMS are their preferred means of receiving delivery information, and with Adelar Trading Corp., you can automate the sending of both. You can even provide triggered email and SMS updates if you’re delayed, reducing the inconvenience to the customer and increasing first-attempt delivery success.

public notices illustration
Public Notices

As a local authority or a utilities provider, from time to time you have to inconvenience residents.

Whether it’s road closures, water cut-offs or power supply maintenance, making sure they’re kept informed helps to minimise any disruption.

Adelar Trading Corp. Email is fast, reliable, and sends can be fully automated from your current CRM system so there’s no need to adapt to new technology.

promotional notifications illustration

While it’s true that email doesn’t have the same reach as it used to, it’s still highly effective for marketing.

Adelar Trading Corp. Email can drive better results by pulling in multiple CRM data, for a personalised experience for each customer.

It can also be coupled with SMS to great effect; email for the detail, SMS for the urgency. Both can be fully integrated with your CRM software.

How secure are your email attachments?

For any attachment where security is key, (i.e. account billing, policy details, contracts etc), our emails add an extra layer of intelligent security.

The way it works is simple. When a mail recipient receives their email they’ll also receive an SMS with a unique passcode. The attachment is then selected, the passcode entered – and that’s it!

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