What can an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system do for my business?

Here are the features which will help you deal with inbound calls in a more effective way.

personalised callsPersonalised

Access CRM data to allow customer details to be used for identity authentication and added call context.

callflow feedbackCall flow

Establish the stage each of your customers got to in their calls, and analyse those individual stages via reports.

data captureData

Capture and store customer information during the course of a call. View captured data in reports, and update your systems.

integrated or stand aloneIntegrated or

Build Adelar Trading Corp. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into your existing telephony system, or deploy a standalone system.

call feedbackCall

Record the stages reached in calls (E.g. completed payment) and feed those statuses directly into your CRM system.

round the clock supportRound the
clock responsiveness

Make sure a customers call is never missed. Receive calls 24/7.

Use Cases

Adelar Trading Corp Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in action

Appointment Re-scheduling
Data Capture
Satisfaction Surveys
Meter Readings
debt collection solution

Having been notified of an outstanding balance (using either Adelar Trading Corp. SMS, Outbound Voice, or Email) the customer is linked to your IVR to process the payment.

Our PCI compliant platform requires customers to validate their identity, and then process the payment in a secure and convenient way. We can even send your customer an SMS to confirm the payment when it has been successfully completed.

All details of payments made can then be summarised in the form of an intelligent report. Quick, easy and convenient for both you and your customers.

appointment rescheduling
Appointment Re-scheduling

Avoid switchboards becoming clogged with customers looking to change appointment time and dates, by allowing them to make the change themselves.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can be used to validate your customer’s identity, before interacting with your existing booking system to provide your customer with options for available appointment slots. Your customer can then make a selection using their telephone keypad.

Once a selection has been made, this information can be passed back to your booking system to update the customer’s appointment details. We can even send an SMS confirmation for the new appointment to your customer.

data collection
Data Capture

Relieve the stress on your inbound call centre by providing an IVR which quickly and easily captures customer data.

For any process where information needs to be collected, our Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) provides a convenient way for your customers to do this at any time of the day without the need to speak to an agent. Customers are asked a series of questions defined by you, which are answered using their telephone keypads.

The data collected is then sent to you at a time which suits you best.

The system can also transfer calls to an available agent if assistance is required, ensuring your customer gets help when they need it at any time during the call.

satisfaction surveys
Satisfaction Surveys

By using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to offer customer satisfaction surveys you can gain valuable insight into how your product or service is performing, and find out how customers think you can improve – all from within a convenient, non-intrusive, self-serve environment

Surveys can be initiated by the customer dialling the IVR or by your contact centre agent transferring the customer to the IVR line at the end of an interaction; instantly capturing feedback when it is most valuable.

We can then provide you with intelligent reports, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.

meter readings
Meter Readings

Provide a convenient way for your customers to supply accurate meter readings without the need to wait on hold to speak to a call centre agent.

By using their telephone keypads, your customers will first of all be asked to validate their identity, and then provide their utility meter readings.

The information collected is then sent to you ready for when you need it.

So what are the benefits?

boost debt collectionsBoost

Take payments with round the clock payment processing.

configurable solutionCompletely

We can design, develop and deploy a solution specifically for you.

pci compliantFull
PCI compliance

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

measure callflow successMeasure call flow

Reports to display customer interaction with the call flow.

customer convenienceConvenience for
your customers

Self serve environment, which can be used at a time and place to suit them.

integrates with your systemIntegrates with
your systems

Can be deployed to work in synergy with your existing CRM systems.

We’re integrated with all major payment merchants

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