What can Voice Broadcasts do for my business?

Using Interactive Voice broadcasting enables you to maximise customer engagement and agent time. Allow customers to schedule callbacks and seamlessly transfer to self-service options (IVR).

Professionally recorded calls can be sent to a landline or mobile and offer a flexible, configurable alternative to the traditional dialler.

Call flow

Add customer / account details and regional phone numbers.


Define when calls are made / allow your call recipients to arrange a call back.

Campaign monitoring
/ management

Track campaigns via dashboard and reports. Define amount of call re-attempts, pause/resume campaign, call priorities.

Payment processing

Link voice broadcasts to an Adelar Trading Corp. IVR for enhanced payment / collection rates.


Combine other Adelar Trading Corp. products for a comprehensive strategy.

Answer machine

Intelligently detect if your call is being picked up by an answering machine.

Call flow

Establish the stage your customers got to in their calls.


Confirm you have the correct call recipient by asking security questions.

Considered Ofcom?

If your business makes outbound calls to your customers, then you will need to make sure that you comply with the rules set out by Ofcom.

You haven’t thought about Ofcom yet? Don’t worry – we can help.

As well as devising an enagaging way to automate your communications to customers, we can work with you to navigate the obstacles and make sure you’re completely Ofcom compliant.

Use Cases

Adelar Trading Corp. Voice Broadcasts in action

Appointment Reminders
Delivery Confirmations
Data Capture
Satisfaction Surveys
Meter Readings

Our voice broadcasts can automate the process of reminding your customers about their overdue payments, validating their identity and providing a convenient platform to process the payment.

All details of payments made can then be summarised in the form of an intelligent report.

Appointment Reminders

By linking with your existing CRM system, we can make automatic voice broadcasts to your customers with details of their appointment included.

This means fewer missed appointments, and more revenue generated for you.

Delivery Confirmations

By using your data, we can automate your voice broadcasts to let your customers know when a delivery is on its way, and when it has arrived.

Customers will enjoy a better informed experience, and you can help to ensure that someone is present and ready to accept delivery when required.

Data Capture

Relieve the stress on your call centre by providing a call flow which quickly and easily captures customer data.

For any process where information needs to be collected, our voice broadcast system provides a convenient way for your customers to do this.

Our call flows then feedback the collected data into your existing CRM system.

Satisfaction Surveys

Gain more insight into how your product or service is performing, by making a voice broadcast call to your customers. By using their telephone keypads customers can provide feedback in a quick and convenient way.

We can then provide you with intelligent reports, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.

Meter Readings

Provide a convenient way for your customers to supply accurate meter readings without the need to wait on hold to speak to a call centre agent.

By using their telephone keypads, your customers will first of all be asked to validate their identity, and then provide their utility meter readings.

The information collected can then be fed directly into customer accounts in your CRM system.

So what are the benefits?


Reduce your reliance on agents to make manual calls, with automated calls.


Complete control of your messages ensures that your brand’s voice is continuous, both on- and offline.


Target your customer’s landlines as well as their mobile devices helping you to connect with more customers.


Our voice broadcasts can be tailored in exactly the way you need.

Measure and track
campaign performance

Analyse the performance of your calls with intelligent reports.

Integrates with
your systems

Can be deployed to work in synergy with your existing CRM systems.

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